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Pick out the wood and style that most suits your space

When you turn to the locally owned and operated team, you'll enjoy a wide range of options for materials and stains. Speak with our experts today about which wood best suits your needs and your sense of style. We can't wait to help you!

Your beautiful wood options:

Solid hardwood floors vs. engineered hardwood floors: Each of these types of wood have their own unique benefits, and are available in a variety of species and styles. Solid wood flooring is naturally made up of solid, thick wood. One of the benefits to solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished multiple times over. Solid wood floors are ideal for almost every room in your home, aside from the basement. Engineered wood floors are manufactured using multiple layers of different wood veneers. The grain of each layer of wood runs in opposite directions, making the floor incredibly stable. However, this type of flooring cannot be sanded or refinished as often as a solid floor.


On-site finish vs. factory finish: On-site finishing means the finish is applied in your home, allowing you to better choose the type of finish that is applied. This gives you more options but also means the sanding and work will happen in your home. With a factory finish, the finish is applied in the factory in advance, which gives you less customization and choices.


Cork: Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator. The unique thermal insulation features of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round, assuring a more warm and comfortable ambience with energy cost savings. Cork floors are very comfortable to walk on due to cork´s natural and inherent flexibility providing a unique comfort in movement. Even when walking barefoot, a sense of coziness is felt.

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